Volunteer Commitments

Influence the future of UIUC engineering

Volunteers each host an admitted engineering student for one night.

With the next batch of babies on the way, it's time to pass foward your experience here. Remember, you were in their shoes not too long ago. It'd be like helping little 18-year-old you.

No need to brush up on your sales pitch. You are not expected to convince anyone to accept Illinois' admission offer. Be honest about the university and be yourself.

There are a few responsibilities we are entrusting to you. First, pick up your student Friday evening. Show them around campus, the dorms, the sports, the restaurants, the nightlife. Answer any questions they may have. Offer comfortable accomodations for the night at whatever humble abode you dwell in. Then return the student to us Saturday morning on time, safe and happy.

We ask only one night of your time.

Determine your eligibility

You must meet the following

  • Is an engineering student - all years welcome!

  • Lives in a dormitory, apartment, or non-fraternity house

  • Can house a high school student for one Friday night

Any Questions?

February 6-February 8. You host Friday night, February 7. More details on responsibilities, times, and locations will follow in an email when the dates are closer.
We provide both you and your student dinner Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning at no charge.
Yes. The EC requirements are:
  • 4 EOH Hours
  • 2 EOH hours and host a SITE participant
  • 2 EOH hours and volunteer for a Society Showcase (1:30-3:30pm Friday, April 1)
Volunteering will also earn EWEEK points for your team.
Up to 4. If you'd like to host more for whatever crazy reasons, please shoot an email to both of our Volunteer Chairs, Mridula Arun and Saaniya Kapur (marun3@illinois.edu, saaniya2@illinois.edu).
Yes. We do not accept volunteers who live in fraternity houses. However, sorority houses, dorms, and apartments are acceptable.
We will let you know as soon as possible via email. Usually 2-3 weeks before and no later than 1 week prior to the program dates. We accept most sign-ups.
Fine, be that way. Please email both the Volunteer Chairs, Mridula Arun and Saaniya Kapur (marun3@illinois.edu, saaniya2@illinois.edu), and let us know as early as possible so we can re-match your student.

Volunteer Sign Up

The information you provide will be used to match you with a compatible student.

Student Volunteer
Home Town (if you are from outside the U.S., ignore the suggestions and try your best to fill in the fields)
Host Matching

Did you attend SITE as a prospective student?

How many students would you be willing to host?

What activities would you like to do with the student you host?

If you are fulfilling an EC obligation, which society (list one) are you representing?