Student Introduction to Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - 2022!
March 24-25

Decide if Illinois is the right fit for you

SITE is a two-day, interactive and informational program offered to high school seniors. This year SITE will be an IN PERSON EVENT!

Invitations are distributed to admitted applicants of the College of Engineering. This is a unique opportunity to explore and experience life as an engineering student here in Urbana-Champaign.

We promise no sugarcoating and no sales pitch. From day one, we show you everything Illinois has to offer to your education, social circles, and personal growth. Be curious with us and we will be candid with you.

About Us

This program is organized and run by members of Engineering Council, a student-run umbrella organization of UIUC's engineering societies.

Our goal is to aid high school seniors in one of the most important decisions of their careers.

The SITE committee is composed of UIUC students representing various years of schooling and engineering disciplines.

Each fall semester, we design a fresh schedule for the upcoming program in the spring.

Here is a Packing List and FAQ that might help clear up any questions.

Program Details

Department tours

Learn more about your preferred engineering departments and hear from both faculty and students.

Design contests

Participate in various team challenges with fellow SITE students as a first step in your engineering career.

Student Organizations

Hear from clubs and organizations open for students to join on campus and how these groups can shape your college career

Engineering in action

Explore many of the College of Engineering's resources available to its students.

Panel discussions

Engage in exclusive Q&A sessions with engineering students about their research, internship, and study abroad experiences.

Student life


Interact with current students and learn more about any and all aspects about life at UIUC and as an engineer

2022 Timeline

Determine your eligibility

You must meet the following

  • Admitted into UIUC's College of Engineering

  • Can provide own transportation to Urbana-Champaign

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